What is search engine optimisation

Search engine optimization shortly SEO is a method in online marketing in order to improve the findability in search engines. The abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In recent years, Search Experience Optimization has gained a second importance. In classic search engine optimization, a distinction is made between OnPage SEO and OffPage SEO.
In terms of Google SEO, one can still differentiate search engine optimization for the individual vertical indexes or databases on Google and for devices in:
• Classic SEO • Picture SEO • News SEO • Voice Search SEO

How does SEO work?
For successful search engine optimization (SEO), optimizations are made on the website itself, eg on the content, the Meta tags, the robots.txt, the htaccess file or the internal linking. These actions are called onpage optimization. In addition, measures can be carried out independently of the website, such as link building. These activities are also called off-page optimization or off-site optimization.

What are the goals of SEO?
The main aim of the search engine optimization is to improve the findability of the own offer in search engines by good ranking positions to relevant search inquiries. Other goals of seo uk are to improve the look and feel of the snippet, resulting in a better click through rate and more visitors.
Another goal is to improve expectation compliance for visitors coming across search engine content.
What are important SEO KPIs / KPIs?
Possible SEO KPIs are:
• Visibility indices related to keywords relevant to the business model. • Snippet click rates or CTRs • bounce rates • Lengths of stay • Ranking position distribution per SERP • Number and share of visitors via search engines • Individual keyword ranking positions • …
What is OnPage SEO?
OnPage SEO is all about securing and controlling crawling, indexing SEO-related content through search engine bots, and improving the relevance of content.
These include first and foremost the technical search engine optimization (Technical SEO) as well as the
improvement of the information structure of a website as well as content optimization. If you are unsure about technical seo, then you can hire an seo company to carry out these tasks for your website

What is Off Page SEO?
OffPage SEO is the authority improvement of the domain or individual URLs or documents by the generation of off-page signals.
While earlier signals were important as off page in the first backlinks for ranking in search engines, today also are mentions of fire in independent sources, brand-related search pattern and the search volume on brand keywords as off-page ranking factors more important.

What is link building?
Link building is a part of the OffPage SEO and includes all measures to build backlinks for a domain. This includes measures such as
• Broken linkbuilding • Link acquisition • Production, publication, seeding and outreach of Linkbaits • Linkbuilding via cooperation
The importance of seo services or search engines in content distribution
People looking for information online have various options for doing research. Here are some options:
• Google, T-Online Search, Web.de Search (all based on the Google index) • Bing, AOL Search (all based on the Bing index) • Yahoo • Amazon • Youtube • XING • Voice Search or digital assistants (Alexa, Google Now, Siri, Cortana …) • …
Much of the search for information is still being done on Google and the video search engine YouTube, but product search engines like Amazon or the digital assistants have increased significantly in recent years.
On the other hand, companies have to think about where their target groups are looking for information or where they can reach it with their content.

Nowadays, it is usually no longer necessary to operate search engine optimization (SEO) so as not to perish on the net. Many different criteria have to be considered in order to reach the upper rankings in Google & Co.

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